October’s Teaser and Babe in Progress

Here is what, or who, I’ll be working on/writing this month:

TaylorwithBFBlabelHi, I’m Taylor.

I’m twenty-four and I’m a dancer.

No, naughty girl. Not that type of dancer, but you can dance for me how you like and I’ll love you for it. *wink*

I’m this type of dancer ➜ https://youtu.be/7n1MeUQUHwk

I’ve been dancing since infancy, which of course, makes me really good at it and a bit of a big deal and a heartbreaker. But I’ll only break your heart once… or maybe twice… because I only care about my career, so I can’t have anyone falling in love with me.

You hear that? Absolutely **no** falling in love with me…

Haha. Just kidding. You can totally fall, but only if you promise to dance with me first.

I am one of six male characters in a contemporary romance six-book series my author is currently working on. I’m not allowed to share all the details on the series just yet, except to say we’re not all dancers. There’s a builder, graphic designer, and a veterinarian to name a few.

My author has been obsessed with YouTube “researching” material for my book, but don’t worry. I’ll make sure she stays focused on what’s most important…


Mmm, yeah… *rolling my eyes* …and the girl I’m about to meet.

My series is scheduled to roll out beginning Spring 2019.

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