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Big Gun

HOT Contemporary Military Romance

Gunner. He’s hot, he’s young, and he has so much to offer but his forty-year-old cougar can’t commit. Why? Because she’s his Battalion Commander and she’s more than just afraid of getting caught with her subordinate. She’s afraid of robbing Gunner of a future she thinks he deserves. But none of that matters to a man who wants what he’s done his duty to protect. So, no matter how hard things will get between him and the woman he loves, Gunner is not going to go down without a fight.*This is a hot military cougar romance.

*Book one of three novellas in the American Badass series can be read as a standalone. Includes a young military man. Reckless behavior begins on page one. Would you really have it any other way?

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Vicky and the Vampire Billionaire

Here come the Bloody Billionaires…

“He promised he wouldn’t use any of his vampire mind tricks on me. He wanted deep honest feedback and a ‘genuinely professional working relationship.’ But overtime, I couldn’t help but desire him, myself. With each nightly session in my office, I found I was behaving less like a professional and more like one of my patients—starving for something unhealthy.”

-Dr. Vicky

This is a short story prequel to the Vamp Empire Series. Some characters in this book will not reappear until later in the series.
*This is pure Vamp smut. Content is for mature readers.*

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