Vamp Prey

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Damn those Bloody Billionaires...

Hamell Crass could be considered a stalker and a serial killer if it wasn't for the fact that he's a vampire because Hamell doesn’t feed on just anyone. He likes to plot, plan, and play with his prey. Hamell is particularly partial to chasing after sexy and sumptuous women. But one woman is not playing fair. She keeps ruining the chase because she is plagued by something that makes her taste, smell, and behave differently than other women. Of course, that won't stop Hamell, but he will need a new game if he wants to continue this chase and maybe even catch her.

Hamell: I project into Giselle’s mind. She’s thinking about crying. Girls who cry don’t make good game. I send her the image of our kiss. I make her remember when she leaned over the bar and kissed me and how I tasted.

This is Book 2 of Vamp Empire, a dark paranormal romance series. This gothic erotic tale includes explicit group encounters with a sexy alpha vampire. For mature readers.

Reviews:Cfoster00, Amazon Reviewer wrote:

"Hamell was such a turd in the first book Vamp Lure, I wasn’t looking forward to his story...but damn! I loved it! This is a very dark erotic vampire series and not your everyday sweet romantic vampire books. I can hardly wait for the next book!" ★★★★★

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