The Kisser

Book Cover: The Kisser
Part of the Meet Your Man series:

Just when you thought you couldn't dance...

Sometimes, you’re one of those people who is happy to go unnoticed.
Because you know you’re not one of the lucky ones.
The ones with all the beauty.
The money.
The talent.
Take Taylor Rose.
He’s the world’s greatest dancer adored by his fans the world over.
Including by me.
But that’s about to change.
I can’t be a fan of someone who knows exactly how special he is, thinking he can just do and get away with whatever he wants.
Like refusing to leave me – my lips, my pain, my heart – alone.

This book includes a strong man. Expect steamy scenes and foul language. No cliffhangers.

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Reviews:Carol, Amazon Reviewer wrote:

★★★★★ "OMG! A truly beautiful heart melting read!"

Treasa, Amazon Reviewer wrote:

★★★★★ "AMAZING nail-biter! Emotionally charged, engrossing twists with plenty of drama filled with angst and hot exciting chemistry."

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