Lovers in Deep

Dani Stowe

Book Cover: Lovers in Deep
Part of the The Sea Men series:

A thousand times he’ll refuse her.
A thousand times she will return.
Until one day, he'll have no choice but to put her in her place.

Athena is no stranger to the legends of merfolk. She is, afterall, an expert on the subject. And she's been desperate to meet a legend, a merman, once thought to be a great captain of the high seas. But the captain has been avoiding her and not just because she’s not his type, but because he can't be with anyone.

He's made of water.

But that won't keep Athena away. She'll nearly drown trying to get close to him, too close, and so the captain is going to have to teach her a lesson...

A lesson in what awaits when you seek what's deeper than your heart's desire.

*This is the last book of The Sea Men series, a contemporary, reverse fairy tale retelling of The Little Mermaid.
**Contains steamy scenes with a sexy merman.

There is a saying: All good things must come to an end.

But this a fairy tale.

Be ready for your ever after.

Get the finale now.

Reviews:Julianne, Amazon Reviewer wrote:

"I loved the idea of men being from the sea. This was a hot and steamy story about true love. Great series." ★★★★★

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