The Handler

Book Cover: The Handler
Part of the Meet Your Man series:

One Woman. Two Brothers. Which will tempt her against her own forbidding will?

I have a condition.
No matter how hard I try to explain it,
People never understand.
Except for one man.
He is able to understand everything,
And I've appreciated him
Until he decided to introduce me to his brother,
Whom I can't stand.
I can't get him out of my head.
I can't stop either of them from occupying my mind,
Which means they both need to go.
Because they are both insatiably irresistible,
And resistance is at the core of who I am.

Just when you thought love was out of reach...

Meet the Handler

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McKenna: “Don’t call me boss,” I manage to blurt.
Jace: “Then what shall I call you? I can’t call you Ms. Cosi.”
McKenna: “Why not?”
Jace: “Because it makes me want to wrap my arms around your body and get cozy with you.”
Oh, he has the most devilishly handsome smile now.
Jace: “You’re thinking about it now, aren’t you?” He leans back in his chair. Already so comfortable. So smooth.
McKenna: “Thinking about what?” I blink.
Jace: “Getting cozy with me.”


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