Grind Her

Dani Stowe

Book Cover: Grind Her
Part of the Bang Lords series:

Four. Four words... Please accept my resignation. 

Handsome, filthy rich, an innovator, and a playboy—the rumors about Nicholas Rohr are true, including the ones about his dark obsessions. What’s truer is he has everything handed to him, and what he can’t have, he takes with the help of his friends.

One of those friends, however, is tired of being taken advantage of. She has concluded the debt she owes Mr. Rohr for saving her life has been paid as she can no longer cope with a man who has been manipulating her, toying with her, crushing her every hope and dream that he might have some small inkling of affection for her. After everything she’s put up with for the whole of her adult life, there’s just no believing Nick Rohr has ever seen his assistant as anything other than one of his playthings, so she's moving on.

At least, that's what she thinks.

*This is the last of four books in the Bang Lords series.
**Includes the Bonus Chapter: The Dark Lord

Take the Bang.

Reviews:Catherine, Amazon Reviewer wrote:

"Absolutely Awesome Read, well written, great characters, Awesome storyline, Loved them from the first one." ★★★★★

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