The Charmer

Book Cover: The Charmer
Part of the Meet Your Man series:

Sometimes there are no second chances.

But then, there are other times...

The first time you meet Holden Augger will be the last time you fall in love.
Because he will consume you - your heart, your thoughts and with every ounce of your time.

Even after you’ve lost contact with him.

Years go by and you might ponder about who he is, who he's become, or what he's done for himself.
Until the one day you finally get to meet up with him again.
And you’ll question yourself: How in the world is it possible to fall hard for a man all over again when he never so much as glanced your way in the first place?

Surely, there’s no way he’d see you in the same way that you see him, especially now that you've changed.

There's no way he could care much about you now.

Just when you thought love was out of reach...

Meet The Charmer.

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