About the Author

Hi, I’m Dena. I’m a single mom with two amazing teens and I write all the Babe Fuel Books.

Because I write in multiple genres, I go by several author pen names. Please know, I do not hire ghostwriters. All of my work is my own. I’m 100% indie, which means I do the rest as well, including designing covers and associated materials like book trailers and this website.

I grew up in Hawaii where I started slinging pizzas at fifteen and worked in the restaurant industry serving tourists where I got to live in paradise meeting folks from all over the world. After moving to the contiguous states with a hundred dollars and a single carry-on suitcase, I managed to pay my own way through college. I also work in the medical field.

Just so you know, I’m an old lady with a crush on Nick Jonas and I probably do have as a few reviewers wrote, a “wild” and “very creative” imagination (though my kids call it crazy.)

All of my books include romance with plots and scenes that vary in heat level, although I certainly hope you do find love somewhere nestled between the pages.

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